High Performance Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry

With on-line HPLC/MS, we can now analyze non-volatile, highly-polar, and thermally-labile compounds which can't be dealt with effectively by conventional HPLC or GC/MS methodology. Using multi-wavelength monitoring (diode array) together with mass spectrometry, our HPLC analysis achieves an unprecedented level of compound detection and identification.

Pharmaceutical and Bio-technical Applications

The complexity of the compounds encountered in medicine, nutrition, and in the isolation and purification of natural or synthetic chemical products demands a level of sophistication in analytical expertise and instrumentation beyond the reach of most laboratories. Whether your need is the initial characterization of the principle components, the identification of impurities, or the determination of possible chemical or physiological interaction, San Rafael Chemical Services is prepared to provide the needed assistance toward meeting these types of research or regulatory requirements.

Environmental Applications

The number of compounds regulated by the EPA increases every year (by law). The most cost-effective way, and sometimes the only way to analyze samples for the presence of the contaminants being considered for regulation is by HPLC/MS. To date, drinking water method 553 and solid waste method 8321 have been established to utilize this instrumentation in order to monitor many classes of chemicals such as surfactants, azodyes and organophosphorus compounds, all known to have adverse effects on the environment.

Our goal at San Rafael Chemical Services is to keep pace with the rapid advances in analytical technology. We want to provide easier access to the information made available through these new techniques. By incorporating the most up-to-date, productive, conclusive, and cost effective means available, we are able to address the widest range of analytical applications possible.